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Tried and tested software that can boost your business

Everyone loves free stuff.

For businesses, especially startups, keeping costs to a minimum is important for your cash flow. This has been essential during the pandemic, where we are still adjusting to the current economic environments.

Although some costs may be inevitable, there are great tools out there that you can leverage in a free capacity for however long.

A lot of the time, when you’re first starting or growing your startup, building your stack doesn’t necessarily have to break your bank.

I have tested many tools over the years, and these have helped me the most, especially at the…

Updated 1st of April 2021

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Hello there! I’m Richard, and welcome to my bio page! Here is where I summarize everything you need to know about me and, more importantly, how I can help you!

Here is a summary of my current content and what I am working on:

  • CornerTech and Marketing: A bi-weekly newsletter focused on providing a wrapup of all tech and marketing news each month and new startups to keep an eye on
  • My gaming Youtube: Just something fun for me to do outside marketing and…

You don’t need it, and you shouldn’t need it

A smartphone.
A smartphone.

Have you ever thought about a transition into marketing as a career, or perhaps you’ve seen a $1000 course online that promises to “make you a better marketer”?

I’ve even seen friends approach me about marketing courses that cost thousands of dollars that they were interested in doing and wanted my specific feedback on it.

For me personally, the majority of these courses are relatively useless.

I’m not necessarily saying that every course shouldn’t have a cost attached to it, but in those cases, there is a specific need in mind (e.g., …

It is a must need in today’s digital age

Icons displayed on a laptop screen.
Icons displayed on a laptop screen.

Marketing has evolved through the decades into a variety of roles and responsibilities. We’ve seen changes to strategies on how we do marketing today, from broad-based targeting to more niche account-based marketing.

But long ago, marketing roles would be defined as a set of tasks and nothing more. Although still applicable in more traditional industries, many roles of today require multiple hats and skills from other fields.

Although marketing, UX, and design have always been relatable, it has historically always been completely different fields of work with very different expected skill sets.

As we enter the year 2021, we have…

Everything you need to know including updates from Discord and NFTs

Hi all!

I decided to launch two new initiatives with the CornerTech and Marketing brand:

  1. Monthly wrap up of tech and marketing updates
  2. New startups to keep an eye on every month

All these posts will be found in my substack which you can sign up to here. I will occasionally do reposts to my Medium newsletter but over time I will be writing more content over at my newsletter.

If you want quality updates, make sure you sign up!

1. Microsoft in talks to buy Discord for 10 billion dollars

If you’re a gamer or someone who keeps up…

It’s not a lot but it’s a start

Alright, starting off, $100 is not a lot of money.

It’s definitely some pocket change, but I am still proud to have made my first $100 off a platform that, in my opinion, has become quite saturated over the years.

I am also competing in a very tight niche which is gaming.

The market is too saturated with clutter

A man creates a strategy flow chart.
A man creates a strategy flow chart.

I recently spoke to my friend who leads growth at a Series C startup. I asked him a simple question — what do you think of growth hacking?

“Good in the beginning, stupid in the long term.”

To give some history around how growth hacking came to be, it was a term coined by Sean Ellis, who was famous for being that guy that helped Dropbox come up with its referral strategy that helped grow the startup to its billion-dollar-plus valuation.

Since then, growth hacking has become a term synonymous with a new breed of Silicon Valley entrepreneurs. Companies were…

Totally agreed that Medium is still the only viable writing platform that still provides a level of visibility opportunity.

That being said Newsbreak has been fairly interesting for me. It's definitely more clickbaity but provides me a chance to write articles that wouldn't work on Medium.

An article that I know might not perform well but was fun

Writing can be challenging.

As someone who churns out at least 20000 + words a week (minimum) from work, personal freelance gigs, scripts, and emails, Medium is supposed to be my home to throw some articles out and hopefully get some traction and readers.

As I’ve grown my presence on Medium, I’ve treated it more seriously, gaining freelance gigs and brand recognition via other platforms like Twitter.

However, there are too many times I’ve been simply burnt just writing on Medium.

I’ve tried a fair few things, including taking a month's vacation from writing, but those ways are not sustainable…

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