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Updated 1st of April 2021


Hello there! I’m Richard, and welcome to my bio page!

Here is a summary of my current content and what I am working on:

What I did instead so I could put time back into my side hustles

Photo by Solen Feyissa on Unsplash

I used to care about my inbox.

From my personal and work inboxes, I always aimed to try to get to that zero number.

Inbox zero, to put it simply is achieving an empty inbox.

For many, it’s a rigorous exercise that forces us to pay attention to it every day, just to clear it to zero. Depending on how busy your days are, this could mean minutes to hours.

As someone who manages various side hustles alongside a full-time job, it almost becomes a secondary job to manage my own inbox. This is because working on multiple side hustles requires multiple inboxes.

One of the straightforward ways to manage it…

DevRev launched with a $50 million seed round and 75 employees from stealth

Source: DevRev logo

Unicorns are supposed to be rare but according to CB Insights, there are over 728 unicorns in the business world today.

A Super Unicorn or Hectocorn have been new terms that have been thrown into the market by Aileen Lee, the founder of seed-stage fund Cowboy Ventures, who coined the term ‘unicorn’ originally.

Basically, these are startups (or more like enterprise companies at this point) who have managed to surpass a $100 billion market capitalization.

Although there are plenty of public company examples, to put it in perspective, only two private companies in the world have this valuation and a…

Sometimes you need an extra helping hand

Photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters on Unsplash

I’ve always been someone that has been independent. Apart from previous startups, most of my side hustles have been solo projects.

This means that my time is stretched thin constantly, especially if I want to work on various side hustles. Being bogged down on activities that ‘waste’ time could become detrimental over time.

This could be anything from ideation all the way to just simple admin work.

With this in mind, I started looking at ways where I could help reduce workloads and ease up my schedule. …

You don’t have to work-from-home alone

Photo: GettyImages

You spend a third of your life working, so why not spend it with the people you enjoy the most? I remember when I first started my full-time job. I was a newly-shorn graduate at a large enterprise company and was paired with others in a similar boat, fresh out of university and keen to learn what it was like taking on adulting; contending with various work woes, from dealing with a terrible manager or working until the brink of burnout.

Roughly six months into the job, I found myself stranded with a manager I could barely stand, and my…

Insights from an interview with an influencer making a full-time wage

Someone holding a phone out
Someone holding a phone out
Photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash

It’s what many dream of, but not many will do. That’s because the dream of becoming an influencer seems far out of reach for many, especially the daunting task of building your own following.

When someone says lifestyle and food influencers, your first reaction is to think of celebrities or those with millions of followers. In reality, however, there are plenty making six figures with a fraction of that following.

I recently spoke to a friend who has a local food and lifestyle influencer blog. She has a following of only 33K on Instagram, and a food blog hosted on…

It’s as silly as it sounds but let’s analyze why it grew so quickly

Photo by Claudio Mezzasalma on Unsplash

Youtube is a hard platform to crack.

Many will attempt to make videos with the intention of gaining enough fame off it. For some, it’s a platform that you make videos for fun without the intention of making it a full-time gig.

For a select few who manage to make it ‘big,’ Youtube gives them a chance to create content and make a living out of it. I recently stumbled upon a Youtube channel that went from just a handful of subscribers to 500k in less than a month. …

Well, not completely nothing but a fall of 97% from its peak is quite something.

Source: Groupon

Everyone knows Groupon as the “coupon” website that offers cheap products and services at discounted rates ranging from massages to pottery lessons. Based in Chicago, this startup was launched in 2008 November.

By October 2010, Groupon was available in 150 cities in North America and 100 cities in Europe. By 2015, Groupon served more than 500 cities worldwide with nearly 48.1 million active customers.

But their backstory of how it came to be is an interesting tale

In 2006, Andrew Mason was doing his music major while working on his public policy’s graduate degree. On one side, he was maintaining a site called Policy Tree that shared political views across various issues, including…

Including a breakdown of the sources of the earnings

Photo by Kyle Glenn on Unsplash

Balancing a full-time job while working on a side hustle can be tough. The switch from side hustle to full-time can be a tough decision, but it opens up more time for you to work on your hustles.

However, many simply don’t have the luxury of doing this, so it’s even more important to balance your time with both your full-time job and your side hustles.

As someone who has been doing this for many years now, I’ve tested various ways to ensure I maximize time. …

Why some people are earning 3K to 10k a month

Photo by Scott Webb on Unsplash

The pandemic in 2020 kept many at home. From lockdowns to remote working arrangements, there is no doubt that many were stuck at home for more than months at a time.

This meant the start of many trends, one of them being side hustles. With job insecurity as well as extra time on the hands of many people, we’ve seen different side hustles pop up.

One of them has been plant hustling

I recently caught up with a friend who had just discovered new found time since she doesn’t have to travel to work anymore. She spends this time instead caring for her plants.

At first, I…

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