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A list you can action today to help improve your daily routine

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Daily routines can help individuals get the most out of the day. Everyone is different and has unique ways of dealing with stress or a busy schedule.

Many successful entrepreneurs are known for their unique ways of dealing with their everyday work schedules. This article explores some of these habits and provides you with insights into these successful entrepreneurs' habits that you can use for yourself.

1. Take a Break During the Middle of Your Day

Evan Williams is one of the most profiled entrepreneurs in the valley. Known for founding Blogger, Twitter, and of course Medium, you’d expect him to work vicariously throughout the entire day.

As someone who…

Yes, you can still be of value to your more technical folk

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I am super lucky.

I get to work with three brilliant engineers who each have deep expertise in data science, full-stack app development, and even API engineering.

Just for reference, we are working on Yought, a survey tool that focuses on helping create non-bias questions and qualitative insights on your results.

This means having a technical team is essential in helping integrate AI into an application that works around qualitative and quantitative data. Being a non-technical co-founder can definitely feel overwhelming, especially when doing WIPs with all the technical jargon being thrown around.

This doesn’t mean however, you can’t provide value.

I am sure many of my business-focused…

With some interesting statistics and proof of why you need one

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I remember when I first started my full-time job.

I was a graduate at a Fortune 500 company and was paired with others in a similar boat, fresh out of university and keen to learn what it was like taking on a full-time job. What made my experience enjoyable was the opportunities I had to make close work friends, and ever since I left the company, I still keep in touch with many of them.

We, as humans, are social creatures.

Having best friends at work can better your experience and performance no matter the situation. This isn’t just coming from my own experience but with…

Taking a look at Google’s history of projects

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Google is the biggest search engine in the world, taking over 40,000 searches every second. With this known fact, it’s no wonder that most of its revenue comes from its Google Ads network. Since its inception, Alphabet has been launching projects and acquisitions to find the next ‘Google’ product that can create billions of revenue for them.

Unlike many other big tech companies, Google’s revenue solely revolves around ads. For Amazon, they successfully launched AWS and Prime, which contributes close to 20% of its total revenue. …

It’s time for the smaller fish to shine through

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Influencer marketing has been around for decades. We've seen it in all shapes and forms, from big brands like Nike leveraging their sporting celebrities to Coke and their iconic branding campaigns.

However, for the most part, it has largely focused on big names and brands coming together to collaborate on an idea.

In recent years however we’ve seen the term micro-influencer pop up more frequently. Although this new wave of influencers may not have the millions of followers that big-name celebrities do, they still influence and connect with their audiences even with their smaller followings.

Although there isn’t a technical…

From a 10 year journey as a monk, he now runs one of the most well-known meditation startups

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Many people know Headspace as an application that has helped millions learn to meditate and incorporate it into their daily routine. As someone who has used their application, their user experience is intuitive and allows anyone to get into it no matter their experience with meditation.

This digital health platform is not only talked about but still growing tremendously after managing to secure more corporate customers like Google and LinkedIn into their books.

The man behind it all, Andy Puddicome, founded the application in 2010 after returning from a spiritual journey across different countries in Asia for over 10 years…

He has since stepped down from being the CEO of Amazon

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There’s no doubt that Jeff Bezos has become more than a household name. He created one of the largest e-commerce retailers globally and dominated a cloud computing industry that has historically been led by the older tech giants of the valley.

In a letter addressed to his employees on the Amazon blog, he states that he’s stepping down as CEO and transitioning to an Executive Chair role on the board of Amazon.

This gives him more flexibility to work on more passion projects while still helping with strategy around Amazon’s most important initiatives.

“As Exec Chair I will stay engaged…

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Tried and tested over the years

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Technology has been ingrained in our DNA, and tools have been developed for all sorts of reasons. This ranges from helping complete complex tasks to mundane activities.

Over the years, I’ve tested various tools to help me be more productive and focus better. Some have helped tremendously, while others barely made any difference. Of course, everyone has their own way of working, but these tools on this list have helped me overall increase my productivity and focus.

For reference, I am more focused on tools that focus on the individual versus ones that help in a team setting. …

For a quick one minute read

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To summarize, hedge funds like Melvin Capital have been shorting stocks for years to make a profit. All you need to know about shorting is that it means they’re taking a position in the market that anticipates that specific stock will drop in value.

GME (GameStop) has always been a heavily shorted stock, so Wallstreetbets, a subreddit for stock trading, took the reigns and bought a whole bunch of it. So much that the stock went up from the low teens up to a high of $469, effectively causing a short squeeze.

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