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How one of the biggest video social media networks started as a dating site

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Photo by Sara Kurfeß on Unsplash

Everyone knows Youtube as one of the video social media sites in the world. After all, it helps host millions of videos and helps generates billions in advertising revenue for Google.

Since been founded in 2005 by formal PayPal employees Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim, Youtube was quickly racked up by Google in only a year and a half for a whopping 1.65 billion dollars.

Today, it brings in an extraordinary 15.15 billion dollars (2019) for Google, contributing just close to 10% of Google’s total revenue.

But Youtube wasn’t always a place where you showcase makeup videos or your funny montages. …

Why some healthcare startups will see huge growth.

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Photo by National Cancer Institute on Unsplash

During a time of unease, it’s easy to lose focus of the future and spiral into a heave of negativity. But it’s essential for us, as humans powered by technology, to move forward with hope and innovation in our back pockets.

The pandemic so far has shown how far technology has come, with many companies being able to pivot to remote working structures with relative ease.

With Covid-19, however, we’ve seen a major shift to more telehealth options. Not only this, we’ve seen more movement around robotics as well as more use around automation and artificial intelligence.

Healthcare is now actively transforming, and we’ve seen a huge spurt of startups to boot as well. From the McKinsey Virtual Health Provider Survey, we’ve seen more focus across all segments of virtual health applications. …

It all started when she was offered a lollipop at a bank

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Source: Alina Morse

A warehouse lies just 30 miles northeast of Detroit, housing the multi-million dollar candy business’s headquarters.

Although it may look deceptively straightforward, it holds thousands of sugar-free lollipops, hard candy, and taffys. This candy is sold in thousands of stores nationwide and internationally, such as in China, Korea, France, and the United Kingdom.

Going deeper into this warehouse, you’d stumble upon Alina Morse’s office, the co-founder of Zollipop. Launched in 2014 with her sister at the age of nine, it has grown tremendously, with Zollipops (their flagship product) being Amazon’s best selling sugar-free hard candy and lollipops since 2018.

It’s already insane to hear such a successful company started by a nine-year-old, but this resulted from several years of experimenting that began when she was seven. …

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