Challenge: 1000 Subscribers On All Social Media Platforms

Small steps lead to bigger things

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Now it’s Youtube’s turn!

The question you might be going: why 1000 — seems like a small goal, no?

1. Firstly, you’re not over-reliant on one platform.

If that one platform goes bankrupt or you get banned off it, you’re pretty much screwed (unless you already have a considerable follower base).

2. You’re building followers and income streams for multiple platforms

Ok, yes, you’re not getting ‘income’ from platforms Twitter, but it doesn’t necessarily mean they don’t help.

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Source: An example of one of my articles been Tweeted a fair few times

Now my call to action

Why not challenge yourself to do the same?

Come join me on my Youtube

If you’d interested in joining in me on my marketing and tech journey on Youtube, subscribe here :)

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