What To Do Next If You Didn’t Get The Job

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We’ve all being in that situation.

We see an email from that recruiter we’ve been talking to with an imminent email containing the words (or something similar).

“I am writing to inform you that we’ve gone with someone else who better matched the job. We appreciate you taking the time to interview us and we will keep your resume on hand”

It may especially be disheartening if you poured your emotional energy into your dream job application only to be shot down by the words above. One of my friends certainly went through this recently.

They threw their energy into the job application and took multiple rounds of interviews only to get the ‘no’.

It might be frustrating but there are many things you can do to help move forward.

Get A Mental Reset (Celebrate Your Success)

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A part of looking for a new job is having a clean and forward mindset.

It should not dishearten you if you get rejected.

Have a mental reset and do something enjoyable to take your mind off it. Let yourself free up for a bit and make sure your mind is in the right place before you start applying again.

The most important thing to realize is there are always new opportunities and fretting over something you can’t change will do you more harm than good.

The next job you apply for would want the best version of you so it’s important to stay focused and bring that version to the next interview.

It’s also important to celebrate your own successes.

If the recruiter or hiring manager compliments any part of your experiences, that’s a win.

If you managed to pass the resume, screening, and initial interviews, you’ve caught the eye of the hiring manager and that’s something to celebrate.

Focus on your strengths and what was recognized and work on any feedback they gave on that you could potentially work on for the future.

Always form a good relationship with your recruiter

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Even if you didn’t get the job doesn’t mean they will have forgotten about you.

Recruiters love to keep good candidates around and if you managed to impress them, they will surely keep you around.

Adding some personal experience, I had an interview about a role that ended up falling through but I had a great chat with the recruiter. 6 months down the track, he reached out for another role which he thought I would be a great fit for.

The most important part to realize is the recruiter is your gateway into a potential role and usually involved throughout the hiring procedure.

They help scout talent and if you’ve managed to impress one, it helps to maintain that relationship so you don’t lose a valuable potential opportunity in the future. Even sending out a simple “how are you doing” email occasionally could keep you top of mind.

Check Your Resume

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It’s simple but often your resume is the problem that you aren’t getting the interview in the first place.

When I used to work at one of the big HR companies, I would be astonished to see some of the resumes sent through our channels. Many had spelling mistakes whilst others were just too short.

Not only this but it’s also used during the interview process as the hiring manager will look to it to ask you questions.

Making sure it’s not only tailored but that you can back up everything written down is essential.


Not getting that job offer never feels good. Kicking yourself however is not the answer.

There are always opportunities out there and as long as you reflect and keep a healthy mental check and bring the best version of you to the next interview, you can always ensure you’ll showcase the awesome side of you.

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